Russian Village!

Hello, today Kyle made a nice slide show for us! That is some pictures about our Village Life last summer (mostly at weekends). Kyle loves the Village, he wrote several articles about it: one of them here. I think this video is his way to say: “Summer is coming. We all want to breath fresh air and watch beautiful sunset performances every evening!” I enjoyed this slide-show – hope you too! Do you already think about Summer? 😉

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One thought on “Russian Village!

  1. jan

    i have fallen in love with your site(it is GREATEST

    i have been vitas (fan you might say)have watched him for 10yrs now
    he has grown so well.
    But have many emails that keep asking me if he is truly married and if two child are his,, i tell them i would try to seek truth on this matter,i feel in my heart perhaps you and Mr Kyle know truths
    if you would be kind would you email me with any info, you may have
    PLEASE ENJOY your time off many blessings i send to you both
    deep respect,


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