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Aleksandr Isayevich Solzhenitsyn died last night… He was incredible man… brave, strong, honest and wise. He was The Conscience of Russia. This movie what we found in Internet is our tribute to this Man! (It’s in Japanese — read translation below):

Sasha Solzhenitsyn was born 11th of December 1918. The Winter is a heavy season.

Just few years ago Sasha was going to church with his Mom and kissed icons… But now the churches have been destroyed. He is in Comsomol, (Organization of Youth Communists in USSR) and he lives with his Mom in Rostov. He is a trustee in his class, he likes football and plays in school theater. He is rich in friends in his youth. But later most of them will be convinced to betray him… but that is in the future.

Sasha Solzhenitsyn is inspired by Soviet life. Marxism and Leninism seems to him obvious choice for people. He realize his ability as a writer during his early school years and found he was different from others. In 1941 he graduated from the Department of Physics and Mathematics at Rostov University and then went to the War. He has trusting face, Russian, really even villager’s type. There are thousands such faces… but not millions anymore. In 1942 when he was on the front he wrote his first stories. He is a member of artillery, he is not cowered for he could be killed multiple times. He keeps his mind to the Military and followed strict regulations. He received several honours and medals by the end of the War. He is 27 years old and his soul is absolutely awaken!

In 1945 he is arrested right in command center, intelligence agents got tired of reading his unrestricted letters to his classmate… So since 1945 to the age of 50 years this man will never have an hour of calm life: foolishness of regent, terminal illness, silence of millions of witnesses, envy of writers’ guild, expatriation and diligence…

In this picture he is in his prison suit. In 1953 he was sent to live in faraway Kazakh village forever. Just think about this, sent for eternal exile.

In this house at the many age of wisdom, he is living and working as teacher. He is ill but continues writing, he is so brave and has an open mind. He has been in cancer hospital and is studying oncology. He writes, writes and writes allot, everyday…

It seems God watched him these months and God loved him and obliged him to carry his heavy burden by saving him.

Solzhenitsyn will tell later that he is alive while he is writing…

For people who want to know more:

We just watched a small part of movie “The knot” by Alexander Sokurov (“Узел” Алексадра Сокурова). The movie was made in 1998, by 80th anniversary of Solzhenitsyn (International name of this movie:”The Dialogues with Solzhenitsyn”).

Aleksandr Sokurov has made a great documentary about the aging author Solzhenitsyn. The part when they walk in the forest outside Solzhenitsyns home is absolutely wonderful. Two very wise men talk about the essentialitys of life, here in the shape of a tree. “The tree is the only perfect lifeform”, says Sokurov and neither Solzhenitsyn nor the viewer can say anything different after having seen The Knot.

For people who want to know even more:

We strongly recommend to read Alexandr Solzhenitsyn’s Autobiography.

Best wishes,
Svet and Kyle
PS We’ll put English subtitles to this video in a little bit and it will be our job in memory of the Great Man (with capital “M”).

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