Russian Video: Kazantip – National Park in Crimea!


Today we’ll watch a beautiful and relaxing presentation of Kazantip – Crimean National Park:

A little more information about Kazantip (Ukrainian: Казантип, Kazantyp; Russian: Казантип, Kazantip; Crimean Tatar: Qazan Tip) is a headland (or a cape) located in the northeastern part of the Crimean peninsula (in Ukraine) on the shore of the Azov Sea. The name Kazantip comes from the Crimean Tatar name qazan tüp that means bottom of a cauldron referring to its concave profile. It extends far into the sea from the coastline with its length being about 3-4 km. Its highest point is 107 meters above the sea level, with the average being 30-40 meters while its lowest inland point is 20-30 meters above the sea level… (Read more in Wikipedia)

Maybe it could be interesting to know that KaZantip (also known simply as “Z”) is also an electronic dance music festival held every year on the Crimean peninsula in Ukraine.

Have a good day and maybe it’s time to plan your next visit to some National Park,

Russian Video from Russia
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