Russian Video: Laughter and Grief by the White Sea!


Russian Video from Russia is back to our Movies for the weekend. Today we are watching a very interesting and unusual full-length Soviet cartoon “Laughter and Grief by the White Sea” (Смех и горе у Бела моря), 1987. It’s made by stories of two Russian folklorists and writers Boris Shergin and Stepan Pisakhov. It’s a great collection of Russian Pomors‘ (Russian settlers and their descendants on the White Sea coast) fairy tails.

This movie has English subtitles – if you don’t see them please push CC-buton on the player!

You can watch this movie fullscreen version if you push “fullscreen button” on the player.

If you still have some questions about this movie read more about this animation movie in Wikipedia (Laughter and Grief by the White Sea).

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Russian Video from Russia
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