Russian Video: Helmutt Lotti sings "Lutshje Bulo" a Russian Folk Song!


Helmutt Lotti sings “Lutshje Bulo” a Russian Folk Song.

The scenery in this video is worth watching because it takes you back to the times of old. The clothing and buildings are all from the yesteryears.

Helmutt Lotti is a very powerful singer that we have just discovered and we find his songs to be very entertaining. If you go to this link you will find another song of his that we posted and more information about him as an individual.

Give some of his music a chance and we think you will agree that he brings a flare to Russian songs that make you get that faraway look in your eye as you remember the old days.

This beautiful video belongs to this DVD:

Russian Video from Russia
Svet and Kyle

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3 thoughts on “Russian Video: Helmutt Lotti sings "Lutshje Bulo" a Russian Folk Song!

  1. Kyle and Svet Keeton

    Hello Anonymous,

    really "Lutshje Bulo" is Ukrainian song and the title means "It would be better". That is Kazak's song. The idea is "That would be better not to come, It would be better not to love, It would be better not to know you Than to forget you now…"

    Best regards and come again,
    Svetlana and Kyle


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