Russian Video: Moscow Spring (25th March)!


That is Spring in Moscow! Do you expect to see first spring flowers on this video? Maybe I’ll disappoint you but no flowers yet. But it’s the end of March and still snow here. But that is Spring: you feel it in the air, you smell it, you feel already warm sun beams on your cheek. That is Spring in Moscow!

For our readers who wants to know more:

We have a very good Russian writer who wrote mostly about nature: Mikhail Mikhailovich Prishvin (1873 – 1954). He wrote that there are three periods of spring: “Spring of Light”, “Spring of Water” and “Spring of Grass”… So it looks like we still in “Spring of Light” period! 😉

This unique Man survived three big wars. But he managed to save his inner light he diffused in life and his wonderful books. One of such books, an autobiographic story “Hunt For Happiness”, ends with a quotation from Leo Tolstoy’s book. Mikhail Prishvin could easily confirm the truth of the words: “A man is obliged to be happy. If he is unhappy he is to be blame for this. He must do everything he can to get rid of this discomfort or mistake. If a man is unhappy, he will face a lot of unsolved questions, such as, for what I live, what’s the need for this world and the like. But if he’s happy, thank you for nothing, and wish you the same”. (link)

We could not find any free Michail Prishvin’s stories translated in English in Internet, just can give you a link to Amazon where you can buy some of Michail Prishvin’s books in English.

Russian Video from Russia
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