Russian Video: Gentlemen of Fortune (Movie)!


As always on Saturday we continue our tradition to publish the best Russian movies for weekend. Today our choice is Dzhentelmeni udachi (Gentlemen of Fortune) – an old Russian comedy made in 1972. They also call it an unlyrical comedy.

How does mild-mannered gentlemen become a rotten crooked criminal to help the police find the precious golden helmet of Alexander the Great…

Watch the video and find out!


More great information about this movie from Russia Today follow this LINK.

The crew:
Director: Aleksandr Seryj
Writers:Georgi Daneliya (writer), Viktoriya Tokareva (writer)
Music: Gtnnadi Gladkov

The brilliant cast:
Evgeni Leonov as Troshkin / Dotsent / Professor
Georgiy Vitsin as Khmyr / Sad Sack
Radner Muratov as Vasily Alibabayevich / Ali-Baba
Saveli Kramarov as Fedya Yermakov / Cross Eyes
Natalya Fateyeva as Lyudmila, archeologist’s daughter
Erast Garin as Nikolai Grigorevich Maltsev, archeologist
Nikolay Olyalin as Colonel Verchenko (as N. Olyalin)
Anatoli Papanov as Chess Player in Hotel
Pavel Shpringfeld as Cloakroom attendant
Lyubov Sokolova as Kindergarten Principal

Oleg Vidov as Lieutenant Vladimir Slavin
Aleksei Vanin as The old thief
Natalya Vorobyova as Elena
Zoya Vasilkova as Dvornichikha
Galina Mikeladze as G. Mikeladze

© MOSFILM, 1972.

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