Russian Video: Blockade of Leningrad Started 68 Years Ago!

Leningrad remembers its Heroes!

Today you could hear sound of metronome and the wail of the sirens in St.Petersburg. Leningrad remembers the Blockade – 900 days and nights of artillery attacks and terrible starvation. A worker got 250 grams of bread a day all others got twice less. Leningrad outstayed but the price was incredible. There were more than 500 000 people buried only on Peskarevsky cemetery…

Sound of metronome is symbol of the Blockade of Leningrad – metronome sounded during the Blockade 24 hours a day on the radio. The siren wailed 3740 times during the blockade.

Today we are watching Day of Memory from St.Petersburg:

Read more about the Blockade of Leningrad in Wikipedia or an article “Seige of Saint Petersburg (then Leningrad) 1941-1944” (From Neva News).

Documentaries about Siege of Leningrad:

1) Full length World War II documentary movie Siege of Leningrad from BattleField series.

2) Blockade – one of the best Russian documentaries: movies about ordinary days of dieing city.

Russian Video from Russia
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