Russian Video of 'Tonkaya Ryabina' – 'Thin Rowan-tree'


I found a video that encompasses the soul of Russia and will make you stop! It will stir something inside you and cause a yearning. A Russian folk song has a sad intertwining depth that can bring a tear to the eye. Yet at the same time it will entice the person to grasp and embrace a song that you can not even understand the words to.

Watch the video, better yet close your eyes and listen to the video. You will find that your senses will extract the desired properties and that Russia has a soul that goes back into history farther than you knew…

The name of the song is ‘Tonkaya Ryabina’, which means ‘Thin Rowan-tree‘ in English.
The song is about woman’s mourning for her loneliness.

That is why we love Russia…
Russian Video from Russia
Svet and Kyle
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