Video: Vitas – Songs of My Mom!

Vitas is an unique Russian singer. If you’ve heard his songs you already love them. If you never heard Vitas’ magical voice today you have a great opportunity to watch and listen a full video from his concert “Songs of my Mom” (with English subtitles!)

Here is a list of the songs:

01 VITAS – Ave Maria
02 VITAS – Even the Stars Will Look Like Letters
03 VITAS – Someone’s Melancholy is Crying
04 VITAS – Smile!
05 VITAS – Streets of the Capital
06 VITAS – Opera # 1
07 VITAS – Soul
08 VITAS – The Star
09 VITAS – An Autumn Leaf
11 VITAS – We cannot be together
12 VITAS – Starry River
13 VITAS – Declaration of love / My God, How Much I Love

For our readers who wants to know more:

Vitas’ official site
Vitas official channel on YouTube

Russian Video from Russia
Svet and Kyle

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4 thoughts on “Video: Vitas – Songs of My Mom!

  1. Rubric

    Красивый человек, какой-то фарфоровый, тонкий… Интересно, а сколько ему лет?

  2. admin Post author

    Ему 29-31 год (в разных источниках называется разная дата рождения), учился играть на аккордеоне, работал в театре пластики и голосовой пародии, так что личность очень одаренная. Много медитирует, практикует буддизм… О себе говорит мало.

    Вот такой необычный человек.


  3. Tatianna Raquel

    Svet, Kyle, here I am again!
    I also have Vitas’ DVD “The Songs of my Mother” ’cause I am Vitas’ Brazilian fan and I admire the work of the 31-year-old popstar (he’ll be 32 on February 19th).
    First I wanna congratulate all Vitas’ fans in Russia, China and worldwide for love and deep respect for him. Also, I wanna congratulate the Vitas’ team and the well-sucessful program “Sleepless Night”.
    Thanks again!

  4. Tatianna Raquel

    Hi again!

    I wish you could post on the blog an article about the song “Katyusha” (sung by Vitas) – with the MV of Vitas singing “Katyusha” live in Liaoning, China – with lyrics. Here’s an article about the song (in Portuguese) from Vitas Brasil fan-blog for you to translate to your language:
    The article is called “Katyusha, the patriotic Russian song that Vitas is singing. Let’s know about it?”

    Tatianna Raquel


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