Bear in Siberian Zoo…

We’ve seen Kung Fu Panda – now, a real Russian bear has become an internet hit, amazing visitors to a Siberian zoo with his perfect mastery of the martial art. (Almost he is practicing as you will see!)

­An amateur video shows the animal throwing a wooden club around his neck, passing it from paw to paw and twisting it in front of him.

The Royev Ruchey Zoo in Russia’s Krasnoyarsk says Pamir the bear has played with the club since he was a cub. The seven-year-old also likes to play with cans, boards, baseball bats and cold water from a hose.

Nicknamed Pamir after the mountains in Central Asia, the bear is a rare white-claw featured in the Red List of Threatened Species.

Unlike their Russian relatives, these sporty bears from the Central Asian Himalayan forests do not hibernate.

Russian Video From Russia!

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