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Russian Video From Russia: The Modern Cossacks – With an Ancient Flare!


Lets watch a video that tells about the Don Cossacks and what they are up to in this modern times. It tells a little bit about their past and their importance to Russia…

No Cossack would go into battle without getting a blessing in church.

The Cossack army fought in almost all the wars waged by the Russian Empire. After the revolution of 1917, a third of the Don Cossacks – around half a million people – were killed or deported by the Bolsheviks. But now the Cossack host here on the Don is seeing a revival.

“We live in the modern world, we run businesses, and we don’t ride around with sabers. But we’ve kept the Cossack spirit, our Orthodox faith, our love for the Don, and loyalty to Russia,” says Vladimir Voronin. (Link)

From what we read, the Cossacks are an ancient amazing people that have loved and fought for Mother Russia to the death – many times…

Russian Video from Russia
Svet and Kyle

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