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Russian Video: Porridge Feast in Tula, Russia – a World Record…

The residents of Tula have beaten the world record for the largest bowl of porridge.

Their gigantic vat of kasha was made to celebrate the city’s name day.

The previous record was set last year in England, when a bowl was made from 630 kilos of oats.

Tula topped that this year with a massive 865 kilos – nearly a ton of porridge.

The steaming cauldron was then dished out and eaten by locals. (Yummy)

The town has already received confirmation from and been entered into the Guinness Book of World Records.

Russian Video from Russia!

Russian Video: Lets Play Badminton…

I had to stop and wonder at this video…

In his video blog Russia’s President Dmitry Medvedev spoke about the benefits of playing badminton and posted a video showing President Medvedev playing badminton with Prime Minister Vladimir Putin…

I don’t know! It just seems way over the top at an attempt to make everything look like it is candy coated…

Now if they would have smacked each other with the rackets then I would believe… 🙂

Russian Video From Russia!

Russian Video: “Circle of Light” festival, Moscow Russia 2011.

Circle of Light, Moscow, Russia 2011Three days in October Muscovite and guests of our city can watch at nights amazing multimedia light shows… near the Kremlin, on the Red Square, near the Bolshoy Theater, Gorky Park and on the Saint Basil’s Cathedral.

I believe it’s very beautiful and I believe it’s cool. I also believe that a lot of people will be entertained… But I am not sure that is right thing to do to use our historical places and even church as a stage for such entertainment. Just my Soviet and Russian opinion.

Russian Video from Russia