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Russian Video: Yaroslavl – Millennium!

Russia, Yaroslavl – Millennium Promo

Today Yaroslavl celebrates 1000 birthday. Yaroslavl is 250 km from Moscow. It is placed at the Volga river. Very beautiful city – Yaroslavl is one of the cities of Golden Ring of Russia what any traveler to Russia must see.

Now watch how locals see and love their city – beautiful Yaroslavl!

Russian Video from Russia
Svet and Kyle

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The Soviet Toy Store Carousel Lives…

Old Soviet Carousel...

Sveta and I went to a huge Mega Mall here in Moscow and we crossed over a gigantic walkway that led us to a new section of this mall. As we entered the new mall area our eyes were greeted with a wonderful sight.

The Old Soviet Toy Store Carousel Lives…

From Russia: The Ultimate Toy Store- With Carousel!

The link above will take you to a story about the demise of the toy store that housed this carousel. Sveta and I were very unhappy about this issue and wondered what happened to the carousel.

We wonder no more. The carousel lives…


Russian Video From Russia!