Russian Video: Komsomol – 90 Anniversary!


Today we celebrate 90 anniversary of Komsomol! Komsomol (Russian: Комсомол) is a syllabic abbreviation word, from the Russian Kommunisticheskiy Soyuz Molodiozhi (Коммунистический союз молодёжи), or “Communist Union of Youth”. The organization was established on October 29, 1918. Since 1922 the full official name in Russian was Vsesoyuzny Leninskiy Kommunisticheskiy Soyuz Molodyozhi (VLKSM) (Всесоюзный Ленинский Коммунистический Союз Молодёжи (ВЛКСМ) English: All-Union Leninist Young Communist League). [Wikipedia]

This video we dedicated to this date! (Song “Love, Komsomol and spring”, 1978 Composer: A. Pakhmutova Lyrics: N.Dobronravov)

“And with us for all season – Love, komsomol and spring!

Long Live Komsomol – Our Youth, Our Great Ideas and Ideals!

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Russian Video from Russia
Svet and Kyle

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