Russian Video: Muslim Magomaev (3)


We continue our series of Muslim Magomaev. There are some people on YouTube whose new videos I publish always. One of such people is Vostorgina01.

She wrote:
On 25 October, Muslim Magometovich Magomaev, one of the most loved Russian pop and opera singers died. There is no Russian alive who has not heard his artistry and loves it.

I did not wish to make a “sad” tribute to Muslim Magometovich, for it would not be what he would wish. This song is in honour of our Russian sportsmen and coaches. It is the sort of positive message that he always sent. He was never a distant celebrity or a disconsolate brooder. Let us do the same.

God give you rest, Muslim Magometovich, you enriched our lives so much.

Spare a prayer for the soul of a great man today, if you would.

Russian Video from Russia
Svet and Kyle

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