Russian Video: Ded Moroz Visits Children in Hospitals!


New Year’s Eve is a time for making wishes, but for thousands of children with serious illnesses there’s just one request – to become healthy again. More than 5,000 children in Russia are diagnosed with cancer every year.

Around 5,000 children become ill with cancer every year. The charity “Give a Life” helps many of them. Its founder, the famous Russian actress Chulpan Khamatova, wants more people to know that the disease is not a sentence and that children suffering from cancer have every chance of recovery.

“I hope more and more people will hear about “Give a Life” in the near future, so that even those who live in the most distant corners of our country know that children’s cancer is treatable and totally curable. Our help is desperately needed to make this happen,” she says.

Immense personal struggle is involved when it comes to treating cancer. Also practical hurdles have to be overcome. Apart from problems with blood shortages and lack of donors, financial problems have to be resolved.

“Unfortunately, the supply of medicine provided by the authorities’ budget is not sufficient,” explains Ekaterina Chistyakova from ‘Give a Life’.

“Our charity foundation buys half the medicine, so that these kids can recover and live normal lives. There are no special provisions in our country concerning people with rare diseases. Meanwhile there are 5 million sufferers in Russia,” Ekaterina says.

This charity is not able to help all of them, but even if little patients of the Moscow hospital recover from their illness, this will give hope to others who are still waiting for help.

We wish all the kids to become healthy and realize their best wishes,
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