Russian Video: Moscow Zoo 145 Anniversary !


Today Moscow Zoo has 145 anniversary!

The Moscow Zoo (Russian: Московский зоопарк) was founded in 1864 by a group of professor-biologists, K.F. Rulje, S.A. Usov and A.P. Bogdanov, from the Moscow State University. In 1919, the zoo was nationalized. In 1922, the ownership was transferred to the city of Moscow and has remained under Moscow’s control ever since.

When the Zoo was just opened it had 286 animals, now it has about 6000 animals of 1000 species (100 of them are in the Red Book).

Russian Video from Russia offers you today to relax and enjoy the walk in the Moscow Zoo!

Our readers who wants to visit the Moscow Zoo can find more useful information here.

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Russian Video from Russia

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