Russian Video: Tornado near Moscow!


Yes, it was a pretty strong wind last night (4 of June, 2009) here in Moscow. But in town Krasnozavodsk what is near Moscow it was a real tornado – what I never seen in my life! We found the best video about this tornado on Russian TV channel NTV. And even if you don’t understand Russian this video still deserves to be watched – you’ll see a lot of video facts about this tornado:

I personally was so impressed by: 5-store buildings without roofs, broken glass in windows and even internal walls in flats, woman who was lifted in her kiosk up 50 meters… and so on.

This short video from Russia Today will tell you in English even more about this Tornado near Moscow!

Tornado near Moscow

For our readers who wants to see and know more about the Tornado in Krasnozavodsk:

Kyle just found a great video in English about this Tornado and published it in his article:
In Moscow, Russia Tornadoes are Rare! (Lets Keep Them That Way.)

Russian Video from Russia

Svet and Kyle

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