Russian Video: Doctor Liza!

Her name is Elizoveta Glinka but all RuNet (Russian-Speaking Internet) call her Doctor Liza. She has a blog on LiveJournal (Доктор Лиза’s Journal) and 5 000 readers. She lived with her family in USA (her two sons and her husband are still in USA) and came back to Russia after her Mom got stroke. Her Mom died, but Doctor Liza stayed somewhere between Russia and Ukraine. She opened the first hospice in Kiev and works there. In Moscow she visits and helps hopeless patients and once a week she comes and helps homeless people on Paveletsky train terminal in Moscow. In Moscow she has fund “Fair help” to help hopeless none-cancer patients because there are hospices for cancer patients in Moscow.

Recently Olga Danova and Elena Pogrebizhskaya made a documentary movie about Doctor Liza. The movie “Doctor Liza” got TEFI – 2009 (Russian: ТЭФИ) is an annual award given in the Russian television industry, presented by the Russian Academy of Television.

Here our English speaker readers can watch a trailer of the movie “Doctor Liza” with English subtitles:

Here you can watch full movie (in Russian):
Doctor Liza

And I believe for Russian speaking readers an interview with Elizoveta Glinka (Doctor Liza) by Школа Злословья (2007) will be very interesting:

Russian Video from Russia
Svet and Kyle

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