Valentina Tolkunova: "I can not do otherwise"

Valentina Tolkunova, a legend of the Soviet stage, has died at the age of 63 from cancer.

The singer passed away on March 22 in a hospital. She had fallen very ill lately, but until the very end she continued singing – because she “could not do otherwise”.

People called you The Soul of Russian song. Her intimate gentle voice and soft chamber intonations, songs what she sang was close to all Russian women…

And like in these words “I can not do otherwise” Valentina Tolkunova always gave the audiences all she lived for – love, tenderness and frankness.

I can not do otherwise

“I will love you always
I can not do otherwise…”

Rest in peace, Valentina.

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5 thoughts on “Valentina Tolkunova: "I can not do otherwise"

  1. Rubric

    Да, замечательная, красивая и талантливая была певица! А какие незаурядные человеческие качества! Достойная жизнь, достойное прощание с ней, безвременный уход!… Очень-очень жаль!…

  2. Tatianna Raquel

    "I'm gonna love you forever…
    I can't do otherwise…"

    This is the song lyric that Valentina (died less than 2 days ago) has sung. Even Pesnyary Ensemble has re-recorded "I can't do otherwise" as a tribute to her. It's so… emotional!

  3. Assia

    “Я не могу иначе….”

    I heard that song when I was a little child, it was my favourite song.
    It is so sad that she had to die…

    Would someone be so nice to translate that song to me (in English or German)?
    You can send it to my e-mail-adress:

    Thank you


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