Russian Video: Maslenitsa from Nikita Mikhalkov

I am not a fan of Russian movie director Nikita Mikhalkov. I am not a fan of his movie “The Barber of Siberia”.

But this week we have Maslenitsa in Russia (some kind of carnival before Lent). And today I want to show you one episode about Maslenitsa from Mikhalkov’s movie “The Barber of Siberia”.

Don’t take it too serious – Nikita Mikhalkov’s movie was made for western public and shows all stereotypes what western world knows about Russia. And this part is just fun to watch.

Russian Video from Russia.

One thought on “Russian Video: Maslenitsa from Nikita Mikhalkov

  1. Paul

    Thanks so much for sharpening my appetite for these wonderful Russian films and stories. Much of the world is missing a good time andgreat enjoyment being unaware of the beauty in Rus.


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