Old Soviet Movie: Come Tomorrow (Serenade by Schubert)

Prihodite Zavtra (Come tomorrow)Hello,

Today we’ll watch a little piece of a good old comedy: “Prihodite Zavtra” (Come tomorrow), 1963. This kind movie is about a talented girl who came from little Siberian village to Moscow learn signing. The name of the actress is Ekaterina Savinova and she the same like her character came from Altai village to Moscow to study in Theater Institute. This movie looks like her autobiography and that’s true. The scenario of this movie was written by her husband Evgeny Tashkov who was the director of this movie also. In this part we’ll listen to “Serenade” by Schubert… Yes, Ekaterina Savinova had an incredible voice!

You also can watch full version of this movie. Sorry, it’s without subtitles, but we still recommend you to watch it if you can find time :).

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One thought on “Old Soviet Movie: Come Tomorrow (Serenade by Schubert)

  1. Brynjulf Barexstein

    Hello fromNorway. I saw this film for the first time today, and the Schubert song Schwanengesang, that she sings in russian lyrics in the movie is incredibly beautiful. You wrote about in on the Internett. I try to find this song from the movie on Internett but I can not find it. Any tips, ideas, links? Thanks! Brynjulf


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