Russian Video about Kalmykia!


Recently Marley mentioned Buddhism in her comment as a religion with very beautiful attributes. And her comment reminded us about our last trip when we spent several days in one of most beautiful Russian republics: Kalmykia! We just fall in love with this big beautiful and sparsely populated country! Today we want to share with you a beautiful and very interesting video about Kalmykia.

Kalmykia is the only Buddhist republic on European territory, and the Kalmyks follow the Tibetan branch of the religion. In the Soviet period most of their temples were destroyed; those that survive are treasured by locals. Founded in the 1860s, the capital Elista is a small city with a population of just 130,000 people:

I wish we could spend more days and I hope we will be back there again!

Best wishes, and remember every year to visit a new place (How Dalai-Lama said)
and who knows maybe one day it will be beautiful Kalmykia,

Svet and Kyle

comments always welcome.

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