Russian Video: Eco-village in Russia (1)


Today we want to show you a small documentary movie about Life in Russian Eco-village near Moscow:

For people who wants to know more:

Books of Vladimir Megre about Anastasia and his thought about “proper life on the ground” what he provides in his books inspirited a lot of Russians to dream of escaping busy unhealthy city life to trade it to Life closer to nature and our routs. For some people Anastasia became even a new religion symbol.

Here you can read some readers reviews on Vladimir’s Megre first book.

If you are not sure about life in Eco-villages wait for our next article “Russian Video: Eco-village in Russia (2)” where we’ll watch a real video from Russian Eco-village made by the villagers. That will be great! :)))

Best wishes and please remember to find some time just to walk and watch nature,
Svet and Kyle

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