Russian Video: Evgenia Kanaeva – Gold of Beijing 2008!


What are you doing today? Russian Video celebrates the victory of Russian Rhythmic Gymnast – Evgenia Kanaeva. And we are watching today: Evgenia Kanaeva on the Beijing Gala Concert 2008 (Sorry, they removed the original video from Beijing Gala Concert, so I had to change it. Now we are watching a video where Evgenia Kanaeva was dancing the same dance but the video was done a few years before. Svoli Games Gala):

Best wishes and we believe there is always something in life what worth to be celebrated!

Update 12 September 2009: Evgeniya Kanaeva won all 6 gold medal in the individual all-around event at the rhythmic gymnastic world championships in Japan on Friday.

Watch All Videos of Evgenia Kanaeva in Japan (Mie), 2009!

Do you want to see and compare what Evgenia Kanaeva was 6 year ago? Watch Russian Video: Evgenia Kanaeva (Jounior Competitions 2003)!

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