Russian Video: A Little Piece of Soviet Life!


Today “Russian Video from Russia” will show you a bit of Soviet Life with very impressive music so light and lively! But it’s better one time to hear and to see than 100 times to read about. So let’s watch:

For our readers who wants to know more:

We just watched a first scene of Soviet Movie “Усатый Нянь” (“The Moustached Nurse”,”The Whiskered Nanny”) 1977 made by director Vladimir Grammatikov:

A young lazy Kesha undergoing pre-draft military training can’t stay at any work place. He doesn’t want to turn into an adult! And now he becomes an object of courageous experiment: he is hired to work at a kindergarten. Only children will help him give up his childhood…

[You can watch full version of this movie here. Sorry, it does not have English subtitles].

The beautiful music was composed by famous Russian composer Alexei Rybnikov.

Best wishes and we hope this video made you smile, 🙂

Svet and Kyle
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