Russian Video: Valentin Serov – Paintigs!


When did you go to an Art Museum recently? When did you go to Conservatory recently? If you asked us the question I would have to admit that last time we visited Art Museum long time ago… and I also must admit that I feel nostalgia for Art. That’s why today for Russian Video from Russia I chose a slide-show of Valentin Serov painting with beautiful classic music:

For our readers who wants to know more about Valentin Serov:

One of the greatest Russian portrait painters, Serov was born on January 19, 1865, in the family of the composer A. N. Serov, author of the operas Judith, Rogneda, and the Evil Power. As a young boy, Serov might have met many luminaries of Russian culture of the time — Stasov, Repin, Ghe, Antokolskii — who visited his father…

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Look at more Valentin Serov’s paintings here!

Have a good day and maybe this video inspirited you to visit Art Gallery,
Russian Video from Russia
Svet and Kyle

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