Russian Video: The Dawns Here Are Quiet (Movie)

The Dawns Here Are Quiet

All TV-channels in Russia show us a lot of movies about the Great Patriotic War (that’s how we call WWII) at the 9th of May (Victory Day).

Today we will watch one of classic Russian movies about the Great Patriotic War: The dawns here are quiet (А зори здесь тихие), 1972. Movie was directed by Stanislav Rostotsky based on Boris Vasilyev’s novel of the same name This film was nominated for an Oscar as “Best Foreign Film” in 1973.

The region was Karelia, Russia in 1942 during WWII. The scene begins in a railway station far from the front line, senior sergeant Vaskov is stationed with a group of young female (yes, female!) who are anti-aircraft gunners. Vaskov is not used to these “gunners”. They are active and playful personalities. Therefore he has clashes with the gunners over daily issues. But Vaskov, being the only man in the village, has to accommodate, no matter what the situation.

One day, two German paratroopers appear in the forest near their garrison….

You must watch to find out if female gunners saved the day:

Maybe after watching this movie you understand these words from one of the most powerful Russian song “Victory Day”: This is joy with tears in our eyes…

But such movies must be watched … because Nobody is forgotten and nothing is forgotten!

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