Russian Video: Mother for a little mammoth (cartoon)!

Russian Video: Mother for a little mammothHello,

Today we are watching a cute and touching old Soviet cartoon “Mother for a little mammoth”, 1981 with English subtitles. Once, a little mammoth cub melted out from ice in the Arctic… and since he was a very little mammoth cub he wanted to find his Mommy. Because, he truly believes “It’s not possible for children to be lost” (Ведь так не бывает на свете, чтоб были потеряны дети).

Director of this animation movie is Churkin Oleg.

Russian Video from Russia
Svet and Kyle

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One thought on “Russian Video: Mother for a little mammoth (cartoon)!

  1. mike

    wow=) I was 6 maybe, the first time i saw this cartoon, really good. I know russian perfect cuz it’s second language in country, but with english subtitles it looks great=)


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