Russian Video: Sergey Mikhalkov Died at 96!

Sergey Mikhalkov

Sergey Mikhalkov Russian outstanding poet, writer and journalist died at age 96. A man who could be called a person – epoch. Sergey Mikhalkhov was born in a noble family in Tsar ruled Russia. In 30s he became one of most popular Russian writer for kids. Sergey Mikhalkhov was an author of 2 Soviet and 1 Russian (current) anthems. He was a father of two leading film makers – Nikita Mikhalkov and Oscar-winning Andrei Konchalovsky. (You can read much more about Sergey Mikhalkov in my another article: Svet Sunday: Sergey Mikhalkov 95th Anniversary)

And now we will watch:
1) a short video from Russia Today about Sergey Mikhalkhov:

2) a video from Russian TV channel NTV where they tell about Sergey Mikhalkhov (in Russian):

3) a movie made by Nikita Mikhalkov about Sergey Mikhalkov with simple name “Father” (Отец). This movie is in Russian but it worth be watched any case.

That sounds incredible but we all: my Mom, me, and my son were brought up on his books… And now it’s such strange feeling…

RIP Sergey Mikhalkov, we will never forget you!

Russian Video from Russia
Svet and Kyle

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