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Russian Video: BAM – Baikal Amur Mainline!

This year we are celebrating 35 years since Soviiet Union started one of major construction projects – BAM (Baikal Amur Mainline).

Baikal Amur Mainline (BAM) is a railway line in Russia. Traversing Eastern Siberia and the Russian Far East, the 4,324 km (2,687 mile) long BAM runs about 610 to 770 km (380 to 480 miles) north of and parallel to the Trans-Siberian railway (Wikipedia).

To find out more about political and economical reasons of the project of a century we will watch a video from Russia Taday:

And I think that is even more interesting when you try to understand these young people who came to Siberia to build Baikal Amur Mainline 35 years ago. I had a friend who made this decision 20 years ago and I know such people. Now I want you to know them:

Russian Video from Russia
Svet and Kyle

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Russian Video: Operation Y and Other Shurik's Adventures (Movie)!

As usual at weekends we watch full-length Soviet/Russian movies with English subtitles. This weekend we are watching an old (made 1965) Russian comedy “Operation Y and Other Shurik’s Adventures” (Операция Ы и Другие приключения Шурика).

The movie was made by outstanding Russian film director Leonid Gaidai. That was his third movie. We already watched: “Strictly Business” (Деловые люди) and Dog Barbos and Unusual Cross. Bootleggers (Пес Барбос и необыкновенный кросс).

“Operation Y and Other Shurik’s Adventures” сonsists of 3 independent parts: ‘Workmate’ (Напарник), ‘Delusion’ (Наваждение) and ‘Operation Y’ (Операция «Ы»).

This time we’ll get know another Gaidai’s favorite character Shurik: some serious student, he wears glasses and looks like nerd but he…. Let’s better watch! And yes we’ll meet again our favorite personages: comic trio of crooks Experienced, Coward and Fool. And Shurik we’ll meet them too (in one of the novels).

© MOSFILM, 1965.

Russian Video from Russia
Svet and Kyle

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Russian Video: Celebration of Poltava Battle 300 Aniversary!

Like you know Battle of Poltava is a very important event in Russian history. Since Poltava belongs to another country now Russians choose another place to celebrate the Poltava Battle VictorySelo Velikoe in Ryazanskaya Oblast’ (Ryazan’ Area).

This year, 11-12 of July there will be a great festival in Selo Velikoe “300 Anniversary of Poltava Battle”! And if you can you must not miss it!

Russian Video from Russia
Svet and Kyle

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Russian Video: Heavy Raining in Moscow!

Russian Video: Heavy RainingHello,

Sometimes it’s interesting to talk about the weather, isn’t it? Especially if the weather is unusual for this place and season. This summer is pretty cold this year – recently we almost had a coldest July day for the last 112 years. And how you maybe noticed we have very heavy rains here. It’s so nice to write about them when they are already over with:

Good weather for your weekend
Russian Video from Russia

Svet and Kyle

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Russian Video: 300 Years of Poltava Battle!

On June 27, 1709, the Russian army under Peter the Great ended the Swedish military domination in Europe with the help of Ukrainian Cossacks.

This victory is very important in Russian history: “After the Poltava victory, the united Russian state became a major factor in European politics. Since then, nobody on the European continent could ignore Russia’s political will.”

So last weekend Russia and Ukraine celebrate the victory of the Battle of Poltava three hundred years ago…. Although most people in Russia and Ukraine consider the Battle as symbol of the unity of Russia and Ukraine However, history is once again being rewritten by the Ukrainian president. Sad….

Russian Video from Russia
Svet and Kyle

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Video: Russian Military Exhibition. Nizhny Tagil – 2009


Today we’ll be shown beauties of weapon. Russian Military Exhibition “Nizhny Tagil – 2009” just started today:

For our readers who want to know more:
Russian Video: Izhevsk, Izmash Weapons Factory!
Russia: Aerobatics!(Su-27 “Flanker” )
Russian Video: Waltz In The Sky! (SU-30 MKI)

As for me I wish all these beauties and goodies were for peace!
Russian Video from Russia
Svet and Kyle

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Russian Video: Yuri Kukin "Chasing Hazes"!

Yuri Kukin: Chasing Hazes
За туманом (Chasing Hazes)

That is one of my most favorite songs ever!

May be because I am a such type of person… 😉

Hope you like this song too…

Понимаешь, это странно, очень странно,
Но такой уж я законченный чудак:
Я гоняюсь за туманом, за туманом,
И с собою мне не справиться никак.

Люди посланы делами,
Люди едут за деньгами,
Убегая от обиды, от тоски…
А я еду, а я еду за мечтами,
За туманом и за запахом тайги.

Понимаешь, это просто, очень просто
Для того, кто хоть однажды уходил.
Ты представь, что это остро, очень остро:
Горы, солнце, пихты, песни и дожди.

Пусть полным-полно набиты
Мне в дорогу чемоданы,
Память, грусть, невозвращенные долги.
А я еду, а я еду за туманом,
За мечтами и за запахом тайги.

Do you see, it’s eccentric, too eccentric,
I’m as outright an oddity as that,
I am chasing, I am chasing distant hazes,
And, in this, I cannot keep myself in hand.

Folk are after complex ventures
Or involved in money matters,
Or break loose, out of pique or out of dumps.
Me, I’m after, me, I’m after dreams and hazes,
After hazes and the flavors of Taiga.

Do you see, it’s easy, very easy
For the one who ever got along, but once.
Realize that it is zesty, very zesty:
Mountains, fir trees, rainstorms, tourist songs, and sun.

With my usual suitcases
Chock-a-block for going places –
Sorrow, memory, and overdue devoirs,
I am chasing, I am chasing distant hazes,
Chasing dreams and the flavors of Taiga.

Russian Video from Russia
Svet and Kyle

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Russian Video: Mary Poppins, Goodbye! (Movie)

Russian Video: Mary Poppins, Goodbye! (Movie)Hello,

There are some Russian/Soviet movies for kids what I missed in my childhood. Really, they were made after my childhood. But I often hear that they are very good movies. And a musical movie “Mary Poppins, Goodbye!” (1983) is one of such.

How you can guess this movie is based on a Pamela L. Travers stories. And her stories were my favorite by far in my childhood. The movie has two parts: “Lady Perfection” “Week ends on Wednesday” and we will watch both of them with English subtitles this weekend!

Lady Perfection

Week ends on Wednesday

So we just watched one more beautiful Russian movie base on stories of English writers. Do you remember that we already published all Russian Sherlock Holmes series with English subtitles: Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson on Russian Video from Russia!

And now about movie of this weekend: Mary Poppins, Goodbye!
Directed by Leonid Kvinikhidze
Screenplay by Vladimir Valutsky.
Lyrics by Naum Olev.
Original music score by Maksim Dunayevsky,
Conductor – Sergei Skripka (State Symphony Orchestra of Cinematography).
Cinematography producer – Valentin Piganov.
Stage producer – Viktor Petrov.

Natalya Andrejchenko as Mary Poppins (voiced by Tatyana Voronina)
Albert Filozov as Mr. Banks
Lembit Ulfsak as Mr. A (Robertson), poet and composer (voiced by Pavel Smeyan)
Oleg Tabakov as Miss Andrew
Larisa Udovichenko as Mrs. Banks
Filipp Rukavishnikov as Boy (Michael)
Anna Plisetskaya as Girl (Jane)
Irina Skobtseva as Ms. Lark, dog owner
Zinovi Gerdt as Admiral Boom
Marina Nudga as Ma’am Corrie
Gali Abajdulov as Sir Ljudovik
Semyon Sokolovsky as elderly gentleman
Igor Yasulovich as Park cleaner
Pavel Babakov as Butcher
Leonid Kanevskiy as Bob Goodetty
Yuri Moroz as Mailman
Ilya Rutberg as Official
Eduard Levin as Policeman
V. Karklinsh as Marble boy

© MOSFILM, 1983.

Russian Video from Russia
Svet and Kyle

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