Russian video: Vladimir Putin can sing!

“Like the majority of people I cannot – but do like to sing and to play – so you’ll have to rough it,” he warned as he sat at the piano and played the beginning of Blueberry Hill. The tune was immediately caught by Maceo Parker’s jazz band. The prime minister then took the mic and sang it in English himself.

Putin sings!The charity fundraiser reception was dedicated to fighting children’s cancer and took place yesterday at ice stadium in St. Petersburg.

Russian Video from Russia
Kyle and Svet

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2 thoughts on “Russian video: Vladimir Putin can sing!

  1. ETotal.positive

    Мужик потрясающих талантов! Еще и по-английски может! Браво!

    1. admin Post author

      Да, и пожары тушит и дзюдо учит, разве что фокусы не показывает… или все-таки показывает иногда? 😉


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