Russia: A song what can make your day!

Hello, tonight [and that’s a Friday night] we want just to relax looking forward to long weekend. We just got some drive and happiness from a song of Soviet Union era and want to share it with you! I won’t tell anything about this song right now! I want it will be a surprise for our Russian-speaking readers! So, enjoy right now and I’ll put more information about this song in the comment…

comments always welcome

Could you believe we had such songs?

The modern performance Komarovo by Vitas (and it’s also great) — WATCH HERE!

2 thoughts on “Russia: A song what can make your day!

  1. Tatianna Raquel

    I know it's Igor' Sklyar who sang "Komarovo", but I would like you would post the Vitas' version for "Komarovo", the Vitas' MV (in your blog) 'cause I love the Vitas' version. Thanx!

  2. Kyle and Svet Keeton

    Hi Tatianna,

    Thank you for stopping by. Yes I'll post the Vitas version in a little bit.

    Best regards,


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