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Russian Polar Bear Patrol!

We always like to publish video about people who tries to improve the world. This video is definitely about such people!

The “Polar Bear Patrol” is a project involving people living on the arctic coast, polar bear researchers, and environmental organizations, including WWF. The main goal of the Patrol is to save unique arctic nature and ensure the harmonious coexistence of people and wildlife.

Since autumn 2007 four Polar Bear Patrol teams work on the arctic coast of Chukotka and Yakutia in north-east Russia.

One of the main objectives of the Patrol is to manage the increased number of polar bears that are coming ashore as a result of declining sea ice. A very large number of walrus are also coming ashore and as a result many are dying in stampedes. The Patrol are trying to manage the situation by moving walrus carsuses up shore for the polar bears to feed on and thereby discourage the bears from entering the villages.

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Russian Easter!

Hello, today we celebrate Easter in Russia!
And I want to show you a video of Sunrise Sermon by outstanding Russian priest Georgy Chistyakov (Георгий Чистяков). It worth to listen for people who knows Russian and it worth to watch for people who does not understand Russian language – just to feel atmosphere :))).

Happy Easter, our dear readers!
Or how we would say in Russian:
Христос Воскресе! (Khristos Voskrese!) CHRIST IS RISEN!
and if someone is greeting you this way you need to respond:
Во Истину Воскресе! (Vo Istinu Voskrese!) HE IS RISEN INDEED!

Best wishes,
Svet and Kyle
PS Here is one more good video about Russian Easter and Easter Customs!

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Russian Romance: I met You!

today we are listening to an old Russian Romance – I met You! Two instruments guitar and balalaika break your heart with beautiful music… What else I can say? Let’s just watch it!

For people who wants to know a little more:
D. Kalinin played the balalaika and A. Berezhnov played the guitar. Slavonic foundation, Moscow

Do you want to know what is the Romance about?
We found the translation for you:

“I met you” – lyrics by Fedor Tyutchev
translation by F.Jude

I met you and the past
came back to life in my dead heart.
Remembering a golden time,
my heart became so warm.

Just as in late autumn
there are days, the transient hour,
when suddenly spring wafts again
and something stirs within us,

so, winnowed within by the breath
of fullness my soul knew in those years,
with a rapture I thought I’d forgotten,
I stare into your dear face.

As if we’d been apart for ages
I stare at you and think I’m dreaming,
and suddenly sounds unsilenced in me
could be heard within me, but louder!

That was more than reminiscence:
my life began to talk once more,
as did in you that very same charm,
as did in my soul that very same love!

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Finland: Loituma!

We were so impressed by comment of our Finish Friend and decided to show our appreciation by publishing video from Finland! We found the video and fall in love with it! Hope you love it too! The name of this group is Loituma and name of the song is Ievan Polkka(Ieva’s Polka).

What is this song about. We found the translation in Internet:

The sound of a polka drifted from my neighbor’s
and set my feet a-tapping oh!
Ieva’s mother had her eye on her daughter but
Ieva she managed to fool her, you know.
‘Cause who’s going to listen to mother saying no
when we’re all busy dancing to and fro!

Ieva was smiling, the fiddle it was wailing
as people crowded round to wish her luck.
Everyone was hot but it didn’t seem to bother
the handsome young man, the dashing buck.
‘Cause who’s going to mind a drop of sweat
when he’s all busy dancing to and fro!

Ieva’s mother she shut herself away
in her own quiet room to hum a hymn.
Leaving our hero to have a spot of fun
in a neighbor’s house when the lights are dim.
‘Cause what does it matter what the old folks say
when you’re all busy dancing to and fro!

When the music stopped then the real fun began
and that’s when the laddie fooled around.
When he took her home, when the dancing was over
her mother angrily waiting they found.
But I said to her, Ieva, now don’t you weep
and we’ll soon be dancing to and fro!

I said to her mother now stop that noise
or I won’t be responsible for what I do.
If you go quietly and stay in your room
you won’t get hurt while your daughter I woo.
‘Cause this fine laddie is a wild sort of guy
when he’s all busy dancing to and fro!

One thing I tell you is you won’t trap me,
no, you won’t find me an easy catch.
Travel to the east and travel to the west but
Ieva and I are going to make a match.
‘Cause this fine laddie ain’t the bashful sort
when he’s all busy dancing to and fro.

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Beautiful Russian Nature: from Moscow to Petrozavodsk/Karelia!

Hello, we are back!
It was a very good trip we’ve driven about 5000 km and seen a lot things. We are going to make a slide show about our trip maybe not one! But it will be a little bit later.

Today we’ll watch a slide show “Beautiful Russian Nature (from Moscow to Petrozavodsk/Karelia/)”.

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