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Natural disaster in Russia (Meteorite crash February, 15 2013)

Russian Video from Russia: Meteorite falls on Russia (February, 15th 2013).

The main channel in Russia transmitted next video about Meteorite crash in Siberia, Russia (February, 15th 2013): more than 500 people injured, schools and children-gardens don’t work.

Here you can watch video from “Russia Today” where they try to explain in English the situation:

Watch one more scary but beautiful video of: Meteorite crash in Chelyabinsk, Russia February, 15 2013.

The video about Meteorite crash in Siberia, Russia (February, 15th 2013)

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Chelyabinsk on Google Map:

Russian Video from Russia

Wild Russia – Siberia (National Geographic)

What a great video about Siberia in Russia…

Accounting for around 10 per cent of the world’s dry land, Siberia is famous as a brutally cold place. Yet it is home to a diverse range of habitats and animal life – including musk deer, camels, gazelles and the extraordinary Siberian salamander, which can spend years encased in -40°C ice and still survive. Exploring from the frozen north to the southern steppes, this is the real Siberia.

Russian Video From Russia…

Russian Video: Moose-on-the-loose mingle with Muscovites…

Three moose have been wandering freely around the streets of Moscow today, thrilling local residents.

­One moose stood right outside a local police station, while the others set up camp in front of a residential block in Sokolniki. Officers patrolled the area to ensure the safety of residents and the animals.

It is thought the moose escaped from an animal sanctuary next to Sokolniki Park. Several attempts were made to drive the animals back, but they kept returning. The latest reports suggest they have now gone home.

Russian Video From Russia!

Bear in Siberian Zoo…

We’ve seen Kung Fu Panda – now, a real Russian bear has become an internet hit, amazing visitors to a Siberian zoo with his perfect mastery of the martial art. (Almost he is practicing as you will see!)

­An amateur video shows the animal throwing a wooden club around his neck, passing it from paw to paw and twisting it in front of him.

The Royev Ruchey Zoo in Russia’s Krasnoyarsk says Pamir the bear has played with the club since he was a cub. The seven-year-old also likes to play with cans, boards, baseball bats and cold water from a hose.

Nicknamed Pamir after the mountains in Central Asia, the bear is a rare white-claw featured in the Red List of Threatened Species.

Unlike their Russian relatives, these sporty bears from the Central Asian Himalayan forests do not hibernate.

Russian Video From Russia!

Russian Video: Hungry Begging Bears…

Exhausted by hunger, a wild bear family in Russia’s Far East has taken to highways begging local people for help.

The three bears – evidently a mother and two cubs – were first spotted by a local trunk driver. The man stopped his vehicle to take some rest, when the furry group came by. At first, he was scared stiff, but then realized the animals were not willing to hurt him.

As it turned out, the bears were starving – all the food has disappeared from forests after intense cold hit in the region.

In about half an hour, curious locals gathered on the highway to watch the bear family enjoying their meal. The animals demonstrated a particular liking to condensed milk and soda, so people were going back and forth with new cans and bottles.

The spectators, however, warned each other not to come too close, as a single hit from a bear’s big paw can easily be fatal for a human.

Although there have always been plenty of bears in the region, they rarely come out of the forests. Hunters say it is a bad idea to feed them, as the animals could get used to people’s help and forget how to hunt. In addition, as nice as they can be, the bears will always remain aggressive, thus posing a danger.

Russian Video From Russia!

Russian Video: Live With The Polar Bears…

A group of polar bears have attacked a small town in Russia’s Far East. Witnesses insist one person was eaten alive – and have pictures of her picked-over remains. Meanwhile, more attacks are reported to have taken place.

A horrifying video was uploaded to Youtube in the RU zone by the user x25rus showing polar bears attacking people in a small town in Russia’s Chukotka Autonomous Region. The bears appeared to be living in abandoned houses and were roaming the town in small groups of five. At the end of August, the animals were chased away from the town, but not before local people had endured a living hell at the hands of the unwelcome guests.

This video shows a young woman, apparently drunk and on the point of relieving herself near an abandoned house. Suddenly, a bear attacks. Passersby shouts to the girl to run away. Then they start throwing bottles at the bear in the hope of saving the girl’s life. It works – the bear runs off and leaves his victim alive, though badly injured.

According to Rosbalt, on August 19 a bear killed a man in the town, causing widespread fury. Local people hunted down and killed three bears found wandering the streets.

The bears first appeared in the locality in the middle of August and settled in an abandoned house which had once served as a pigsty. On September 19, a town-dweller, Stanislav Ettuvge, 32, was heading to work when he was suddenly attacked by a bear.

Townspeople shot dead and killed both the bear that had attacked Stanislav and the one that mauled the young woman, together with a bear cub. The remaining bears fled the town.


Russian Video From Russia!

Russian Video: We Got Ticks in Russia and They Are Mean and Deadly…

As summer gets underway so does killer tick season.

­The ticks are found mainly in forests. Over 200,000 people have already been bitten, with half catching tick-borne encephalitis which can cause paralysis and death.

Here are some simple guidelines on how to avoid being bitten. When walking in the forest, avoid touching tree branches. Ticks like to hang out on them and they could fall on you. Also, cover your body from top to bottom – no shorts or T-shirts. That may sound tough in summer but it could save your life!

Russian Video From Russia!

Russian Video: Stream of Life through the mind of a Muscovite.

What do you think when you are listening an old strange meditative music… music of Russian Sibirea, music called “Mother Taiga”.

Our friend made a short video of associations what came to his mind when he was listening to the music. He called the video “No limits (Huun Huur Tu – Mother Taiga)”.

Huun Huur Tu is a music group from Tuva, a Russian republic situated on the Mongolian border.

You can read more about Huun Huur Tu in Wikipedia.

Russian Video from Russia