Russian Video: Movie Home – Premiere in Moscow, Russia!


Today I want to show you a very beautiful video, video made by Russian WWF, video of world premiere this incredible movie “Home” in Russia at 5th of June 2009. This movie what shows us beauty of our planet was was called “the greatest green event ever”. This movie was shown in 87 of the world’s largest cities and absolutly free. In Moscow it was shown in one of most beutiful places Vorobievy gory beautiful park on hills near Moscow University and on the banch of Moscow-river…

Russia Today: Parks and river banks seem to be the best places to watch a film about the beauty of our planet and about preserving this beauty.

We already watched this incredible and very beautiful movie, what makes people to think and now we want to show this movie for everyone:

Watch: Movie “Home” on Russian Video from Russia.

Russian Video from Russia
Svet and Kyle

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