Video: Russia's role in the Middle East: Is it Expanding?

Lets go political today! The reason for this is because of the growing powder keg situation in the Middle East! Russia has influence and growing influence in that area…

Now Israel and America have expressed serious attitudes about this visit by the Hamas to Moscow. It seems that the main issue is that Israel and America do not want any recognition of Hamas by anyone. Russia says that Hamas needs to be talked to and not put aside like a non existent political group. Looks like Russia is forcing a situation that will promote a continuation of talks by Israel or Israel could get lost by not keep up with the situation.

Moscow hopes to host a Middle East Peace Conference this year and this is a step in that direction. There is a forming of opinion that Obama has failed with Israel and that Russia is a hope that talks will be continued and become more fair between Hamas and Israel. America has put the Hamas on the terrorist list and Hamas feel that getting a fair shake from America is out of the question…

I have stated before that Russia really believes in diplomacy and Moscow really does see Hamas as an integral part of the peace process!

Russian Video from Russia
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