Russian Video: Morihiro Iwata – Japanese Ballet Soloist of Big Theater in Moscow!

Russia Today published a very good video about Morihiro Iwata, who is a Japanese Ballet Soloist in Big Theater in Moscow!

He came to Russia almost 19 years ago: “I came here in winter. It was very dull. Then I first saw the Bolshoi Theater, and I almost sprang into the bus window as we were passing by”. When he first came to Russia had to learn Russian language quickly because rehearsals for performances in the Bolshoi Theatre are conducted in Russian. Now he speaks Russian very well. At home, Iwata only speaks Russian with his wife and fellow Bolshoi Theatre dancer, Olga. He writes about his family:”Wife, two daughters and a family of four cats”.

Iwato likes it very much here in Bolshoi Theater, he says the best thing about dancing in the Bolshoi is a chance to learn: “There are such wonderful tutors in the Bolshoi, you hardly feel the difficulties of being a ballet dancer. Instead, you feel simply honored”

2nd, November 2009, Russian President Dmitry Medvedev awarded Iwata Morihiro by the Order of Friendship.

Morihiro Iwata have got Grand Prix on International Festival of Ballet Art. (The First Chabukiani-Balanchine, 2001.)

For our readers who wants to know more about Iwata Morihiro:

1) Ballet Dancer Morihiro Iwata 2 (Iwata’s classmate tells);
2) Iwata Morihiro Official Blog (translated by Google)
3) Iwata Morihiro Official Blog (original)

Russian Video from Russia
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PS Just wanted to remind you about Yuko Kavaguti (outstanding Japanese figure skater) who also live and train in Russia and even got Russian citizenship.
Here is two articles about her:
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